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Welcome to your Providers Resource Network®, a place where “Worlds Come Together To Accomplish More™”  

 The Providers Resource Network is your personal Public Relations and Client Locator Service, at your side.  
This page is intended for Service Providers Only; if you are not a Service Provider please visit our Resource Network.  


Notice the symbolic PRN™Globe swirling; it represents the power of our providers. People like you, committed to the ever-changing need of people who need people. 

When worlds collide, change occurs; such change affects best or worst outcomes. No matter how diverse, we all share one global desire, a need to survive.

At PRN™ we understand the need for change and consistency. Our goal is to change the worldview of human services. In our world, people comprised of Consumers, Caretakers, and Providers can accomplish more together through our Network. 

The Providers Resource Network® uses a one of a kind Client/Service Matchmaker™ System that provides timely, appropriate, referrals to Service Providers and Clients.  

Client Matched Locator Service
PRN™ provides Client Locator Services for participating providers through our referral sources.  Referrals made through our Network are assessed and appropriately matched for services with Providers licensed throughout the State of Virginia.  From the pool of service providers, PRN™ will send an initial application for review to its participating providers.  It then provides the referral source with a list of Providers from whom to choose.  Once chosen, PRN™ will help complete the application process and arrange for services to begin.  

Eligible Providers
Service Providers licensed through the Departments of Mental Health Mental Retardation Substance Abuse Services, Social Services, Juvenile Justice, and Education are eligible to join the PRN™ Pool of Providers. Unless unsubscribed to this service, you are automatically eligible as a provider when licensed and in good standing with your licensing agency.  

Ineligible Providers
Providers NOT licensed through the Departments of Mental Health Mental Retardation Substance Abuse Services, Social Services, Juvenile Justice, or Department of Education; and those on provisional license are ineligible to receive referrals from PRN. PRN™ reserves the right to restrict membership with  or without cause. Providers in provisional and probational status may become ineligible except where provisional license is given for a newly forming provider.  You may deem yourself ineligible when unsubscribed to this service.  To unsubscribe click here.  

Participating Providers
Providers registered with PAL, or those who have received referrals from this network are participants in the Service Pool of Providers.  The benefit of participation is that referrals are made more readily than with non-participating providers.  To join the Pool of Participating Providers, please visit the Providers Advocacy League (PAL) site at  

Fees for Service
The Providers Resource Network will access a nominal fee for receiving a client through our network.  Participating Providers are given a rate sheet and simple contract when receiving clients.  It is important to know, Clients or client information are not for sale!  A small service coordination fee is accessed for using our client locator services.  It is also very important to know, any provider giving gifts or incentives directly to clients or referral sources in exchange for Clients or client referrals is in Violation of their license, in conflict of interest, and may be punishable by law.  Please view our Providers Agreement for complete details. 

PAL (Providers Advocacy League)
We encourage providers to join the Network to be included in our exclusive services for Human Service Businesses.  The Providers Advocacy League (PAL) is a place where providers come together in forum to discuss key issues, a place to advocate for the rights of providers and their clients, and a place to benefit from membership services such as Health, Auto, and Business Insurance, Group Rate Vacations, Travel, and other incentives.  PAL, a friend where you need us!  

Click now to enjoy member benefits, and immediately benefit from registering in the Providers Pool of Services.  
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